Feed Me Too!

Pets are family!
Last year we provided 15,212 pounds of food to our pets in need!

Human food insecurity becomes pet food insecurity for dog and cat family members too.  This phenomenal partnership with the Animal Welfare League provides a comprehensive approach to getting family pets much needed food.

Through our partner pantries and the new pet food initiative we provided over 15,000 pounds of pet food last year!

The response from the pantry clients themselves for the inclusion of pet food at their pantries has been overwhelming. Many directly depend on their dogs and cats for companionship and comfort and often refer to them as their children. There are stories of clients at the end of pantry hours looking for leftovers to feed their animals and others confide that they share their pantry food with their pets because they have nothing else to feed them.

Mother Teresa once said, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do GREAT THINGS.”

By partnering with other nonprofits we CAN do great things!