Capital & Endowment Giving

Funding the Future

Maintaining the qualities that define Healthy Harvest Food Bank, and keeping it strong for the future, requires substantial resources. These key characteristics distinguish the organization as more than just a food distribution warehouse, enabling the food bank to branch out beyond just providing a basic need.

First and foremost the food bank is a source of healthy nutritious food for those in need, including the largest percentage of fresh produce distributed by food bank's across the state of Virginia.  Funding the future will enable the organization to provide the same quality and quantity to those in need regardless of their location in the food bank's service area.

The leadership of Healthy Harvest Food Bank is DEDICATED to being at the center of CHANGE for generations to come.  BOLDLY bridging the gap between food-insecurity and education, EMPOWERING those who need us most.

Healthy Harvest Food Bank IS the food bank of the FUTURE, dedicated to generating new programs, making discoveries and educating future generations in a rapidly changing world. Children will learn self-sufficiency, leading them away from poverty.  Chronically ill individuals will learn that the right food can transform their health, shattering the myth that medication is the only answer.

Capital and endowed gifts allow all of these elements to thrive. They can be unrestricted or designated by the donor for use in support of specific programs, initiatives, or building/renovation projects.

These gifts to the food bank endowment are invested, and their earnings provide a permanent source of income for the organization. Capital and endowment funds are vital to ensuring the food bank will continue to fulfill its mission of providing hope through the right food and education for generations to come.

To find out more, contact our office directly at 804-250-2277 to discuss making capital and endowment gifts.