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“So, the question is WHY aquaponics? But isn’t the real question, WHY NOT?

This concept started with a 12-year old boy who had a vision.  That vision quickly became my mission, because I realized that his vision would not just change his life, but it would change hundreds if not thousands of lives. If our mission is to provide hope in the communities we serve through the right food and education, then aquaponics would fulfill our mission.  We have so many amazing farmers that plant, grow, and even donate some wonderful produce to us when it’s in season.  However, we are limited in providing that wonderful quality all year long.  So, the question is, if we could keep that standard every month of the year, then why not fully fulfill our mission?”
                                                                                                         ~ Mark A. Kleinschmidt, President & CEO

Aquaponics Production Facility
Educational Center

“One small change can have an enormous impact, creating a ripple effect for generations to come.”
                                                                             ~ Cindy Balderson, Vice-President & Development Director

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