How Gleaning Works

Fresh produce in our rich agricultural area of the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula is available for volunteer gleaning experiences:

Early Summer Gleaning  (July 1 – Early August): 8 am – 11 am
Product: Sweet Corn
Frequency: 4 times a week.  Locations: 2 in Westmoreland County (1800-acre Parker Farms & 2-acre Chandler Farm near High School in Montross) and 2 in Lancaster County (2.5-acre Giese Farm & 6-acre Chilton Farm, both fairly near Lancaster High School).  We are blessed to have small acreage farmers expend several thousand dollars for Healthy Harvest Food Bank to harvest.

Late Summer Gleaning   (Early August – Early September): 8am – 11am
Product: Sweet Corn
Frequency: 1-2 times a week.  Locations: In Westmoreland County (1800-acre Parker Farms thru mid-August) and in Northumberland County (3-acre Downey Farm near Melrose UMC).

Product: Watermelon.
Frequency: 2-4 total occasions for several weeks starting in mid-August).  Location: King William County (Riverside Farms near Pamunkey Reservation).

Fall Gleaning (early October – mid December):   9am – Noon
Product Variety, primarily Broccoli.
Frequency: Once a week on Saturdays.  Location: Westmoreland County (1800-acre Parker Farms).

Product: Turnip greens, possibly squash
Frequency 3-4 occasions starting in mid-November, possibly mid-October    Location: King & Queen County (Sam Hart Farm near Shacklefords Fork).

With over 30 gleaning events throughout the summer and 10 gleaning events in the fall, here are some tips to consider before signing up on the Calendar and completing the waiver:

A gleaning event/day has been limited to 25; we will accommodate large single groups by lining up additional resources.  We ask other groups to pick another day as opposed to going beyond 25.

Groups of 8-10 people can also be effective. Please sign up early on the calendar as it will lock in your accommodating date.  We need a minimum of 5 people to glean.  Please sign up even if you only have a few; hopefully, there will be individuals/couples/small groups as last minute additions.

No age limit.  However, high school groups work well independently with younger ages requiring greater adult supervision ratios.       

Many out-of-town groups like to picnic either at the farm, at a State Park after a cooling swim, or have lunch at a local restaurant.  Many group leaders like to get a report on how many pounds have been gleaned; we weigh the gleanings and can easily text the leader with amounts.

Please contact Craig Hazzard to get you or your group signed up. 804 250-2277 or

Grow Fresh...Eat Fresh