What Is A Gala?

You’ve most likely heard of galas before, whether in your local community or larger events like the Met Gala, which is held in New York City every year. However, even if you’ve heard of galas, you may not know exactly what they are and what their purpose is. If you’re looking to learn more information, here’s everything you need to know about galas:

  • What Is a Gala? - A gala is a special social event that includes things like entertainment and performances. Galas usually also involve certain luxurious offerings, like champagne, hors d'oeuvres, cocktail hours, and nice dinners.
  • What Is the Purpose of a Gala? - The purpose of a gala is usually to raise money for a specific charity or nonprofit organization, celebrate a particular group of people, or raise awareness for a certain cause. Many galas include both live and silent auctions in order to raise money for the cause the gala is highlighting, as well as selling seats and tables for the event. All the proceeds from the event are used to help the specific organization or cause.
  • What to Wear to a Gala - Galas are often upscale events that involve dressing in nice clothes. For women, this generally entails wearing an evening dress, nice heels, jewelry, and bringing a small clutch instead of a purse. For men, you’ll want to wear a nice suit or tuxedo and consider a bow tie instead of a classic tie. A gala is a perfect time to go all out and wear your nicest attire.

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